Graffiti Removal

CleanStreet has a zero tolerance policy on graffiti and has had complete success.  Your city or business improvement district would be patrolled daily to remove stickers, posters and graffiti. Besides the patrols, we have set up a toll-free graffiti hotline which is monitored multiple times per day. If any graffiti is reported, our field technicians are contacted and the graffiti is abated.

Depending on the type of surface, there are generally four methods of removing graffiti. Chemical removers would be used on surfaces such as metal street signs, light poles, trees and traffic control boxes. Sand and water blasting would be used on unpainted surfaces such as sidewalks, curbs, brick, cinder block walls and the like.

The next method used will be painting. Painting is used on most walls, fences and buildings. CleanStreet matches the existing color as closely as possible to limit the amount of paint out and to get a desired resulting match. Color match will be accomplished by one of the following methods:

Color match with a sample is the most precise way and will be utilized whenever possible.  A sample will be taken to our paint vendor and will be matched exactly. Another way is the use of a fandex in the field when obtaining a sample is difficult.  The fandex color number will be called into our paint vendor and then made.

The last method used to match color will be the mixing of the paint at the site by our graffiti technician.  The technician will add combinations of tint to get the desired result or match. Frequently hit locations are entered into a computer for future reference.  Frequently hit programs are quickly identified and deterrence programs can be implemented. Possible use of a portable spectrophotometer will be analyzed.

We warrant all graffiti abatement procedures will utilize the best business practices for graffiti abatement.  Our work will be performed in a timely manner and the highest quality of workmanship possible.  We warrant our services to be supplied in the highest standard for the industry and in the best interest of your agency.