Construction Sweeping

For Construction Sweeping, we use the Elgin Broom Bear. This sweeper uses conventional brushes to effectively sweep heavy dirt and rocks.

Municipalities can benefit from the occasional use of a broom sweeper to deal with certain situations. Water main breaks, rain erosion, wind events and construction projects can be cleared up more effectively with a broom sweeper.

Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as CleanStreet) understands construction sweeping is one of the most demanding types of sweeping.  You need to be sure your contractor can deliver the right sweeper, with the right operator at the controls, each and every time.

When you choose Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as CleanStreet) as your construction sweeping company, you’ve chosen the best there is.  Our experienced, operators will be on the job as scheduled and will require a minimum of instruction to handle your sweeping needs.  We keep up with the latest methods and equipment usage.  And, because of our extensive fleet, we have back-up sweepers available at all times.