Our Guarantee

CleanStreet guarantees that the quality of our work will meet all of your expectations for quality and punctuality.

We authorize our employees to do whatever is necessary to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction. For example, we authorize our sweeper operators to take as many passes as are necessary to clean every street thoroughly.

We are committed to courteous and prompt customer service and to fully resolving any issues that may arise.

CleanStreet’s dedication to customer service has earned us an unequaled reputation for dependability, integrity, quality and courtesy.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each client is unique and deserves unique solutions to its challenges. We believe that our customers are entitled to prompt, courteous and flexible service provided by our knowledgeable employees who offer hands-on involvements of principal and senior managers who personally handle or directly supervise all work performed.

We recognize that customer appraisal of our performance is critically important to our overall reputation and that our customer’s satisfaction is the key factor in overall success. Our goal is to be a respected service provider to our customers. We pursue this goal by providing services of the highest possible quality at a fair price while caring about the needs of our customers.

We approach every assignment with a fresh perspective, managing the process throughout, which results in proven client satisfaction. We really do take a great deal of pride in the work we do. We want quality and we know our clients do as well. We do everything we can make sure they get it!

Meet Our Team

Jere Costello, CEO and Founder

Founder and CleanStreet CEO Jere Costello began sweeping shopping centers in 1961 at the age of 13.

In 1969, Jere bought the first revolutionary Tymco Air Sweeper. By 1973, the Company was sweeping and pressure washing over 100 shopping centers and began providing street sweeping services to the City of Rolling Hills Estates.

We worked hard to become municipal sweeping experts and an increasing number of cities began to rely on us to meet their street cleaning needs. Over the years, we have gone beyond street sweeping to develop expertise in virtually all facets of outdoor cleaning.

In 1995, we began providing services to the Old Pasadena Business Improvement District. In 1998, we started providing comprehensive services to the Hollywood Entertainment District.

Today we are successfully servicing 60 municipal clients and a wide variety of commercial and industrial clients. We are in this business for the long run, and we are seeking to build long-term relationships and strong client loyalty based on the excellence of our work.

Rick Anderson, Director of Business Development

Mr. Anderson has been our Director of Business Development since 1989 and is a graduate of USC and Southwestern University School of Law.  He has been with the Company for over 21 years and has played an integral role in developing new business and overseeing all facets of operations.

Mr. Anderson’s dedication to the Company has helped fuel continual growth and diversification into new areas which complement CleanStreet’s primary role as a street sweeping contractor.

Andrew Jacoby, Director of Operations

Mr. Jacoby has been our Director of Operations since 1988 and oversees the Human Resources Department, as well as serves as the Company’s risk manager. He has been instrumental in developing a state-of-the-art time and attendance system, in which data is transmitted through handsets and reconciled by complex GPS tracking software installed in CleanStreet’s vehicles and handsets.

Andrew is also responsible for claims management and is the driving force behind CleanStreet’s constant emphasis on safety.

Chase Harris, Director of Fleet Maintenance

Mr. Harris has been our Director of Fleet Maintenance since 1993 and is a graduate from the University of Arizona in 1994. Chase is responsible for overseeing all facets of operations, fleet maintenance, debris management, and GPS monitoring. He s well-acquainted with CleanStreet’s equipment as well as the environmental laws and regulations that apply to our extensive fleet.

Mr. Harris is quick to respond to complicated situations and his dedication to excellence is a tremendous asset to CleanStreet.

Nita Moran, Accounting  Manager

Mrs. Moran has been the Accounting Manager since 2002 and attended California State University at Dominguez Hills and El Camino Junior College, where she focused on Business Administration and Liberal Studies.

Mrs. Moran obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration, 2006 at University of Phoenix. Mrs. Moran is responsible for accounts payable, accounts receivable, generating financial statements, and also is a certified Notary Public.

Gilbert Perez, Supervisor

Gilbert Perez has been a Supervisor at CleanStreet since 2005 and is a highly-skilled street sweeper operator.  Mr. Perez is also proficient in the operation of other commercial vehicles, including those which require a Class A license.  Mr. Perez has had experience with many facets of maintenance, including streets and parking structures, and is experienced with janitorial maintenance as well.

Mr. Perez supervises street sweeper operators, porters, and pressure-washing crews in the field.  He is extremely dedicated to his job and works tirelessly to ensure the highest quality of work.us asset to CleanStreet.


Michael Costello, Field Supervisor

Michael Costello worked with Clean Street for over 10 years when the company was first establishing itself, and has been a CleanStreet Field Supervisor since 1995. Mr. Costello lives in South Orange County and is now operating as a field supervisor for accounts in San Diego and South Orange County.

Years of experience operating his own manufacturing business have perfected Mr. Costello’s communication skills, which makes for a smooth interface between customers and CleanStreet personnel.


Jennie Gamboa-Moran, Lead Dispatcher

Aracely Mejia, Dispatcher

About Our History

CleanStreet, formerly known as California Street Maintenance and South Bay Sweeping, is headquartered in Gardena, California.

Company founder and CEO Jere Costello began sweeping shopping centers in 1961. In 1969, with the help of George Graziadio and Imperial Bank, Jere purchased his first street sweeper: the revolutionary and dependable Tymco Air Sweeper.

By 1973, we had become one of the largest shopping center-sweeping companies in Southern California. In that same year, the company began sweeping its first municipality, the city of Rolling Hills Estates. We will always be grateful to City Manager Harry Peacock for his faith in our company and for giving us that opportunity.

In 1978, with the passage of Proposition 13, cities became more interested than ever in saving money. Potential municipal clients would come to us with a common concern:

“Of  course we would like to contract for street sweeping services and same money. But how do we know you will do a good job? We have had some bad experiences with irresponsible and non-responsive contractors.”

Our response was, and still is as follows:

“We will make a simple promise to you and your city. We will sweep every street, on time, any day of the week. We will instruct our operators to take as many passes as are necessary to clean each street thoroughly.  If we receive a complaint, we will re-sweep immediately, with no questions asked.”

As word of our quality work and dependability spread, we steadily grew, year after year. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction led to our overwhelming success.

Today, CleanStreet continues to serve scores of municipalities and major private facilities with high-quality cleaning and sweeping services. The key to our success is the fact that we still keep that promise of quality to our clients.

CleanStreet takes pride in the high level of expertise that we bring to every job.  We employ the best staff and methods and the most effective modern equipment available.

Our employees are well-trained and enjoy good pay and healthcare benefits. They take great pride in quality of their work and in your complete satisfaction.