Welcome to Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as CleanStreet)

Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as CleanStreet) is the leading street sweeping company in California. We specialize in Municipal Street Sweeping, serving more than seventy communities.
Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as CleanStreet) has earned an unparalleled reputation for quality and dependability. We are extremely grateful to all our clients that made our success possible.
We are expert in virtually all aspects of municipal street sweeping. We began sweeping municipalities in 1973 so we can draw upon our decades of experience to provide solutions to scheduling and routing problems.
Cleaning streets is a fundamental responsibility of the government. We are proud to be helping Cities meet that obligation cost effectively.
We are proud that our sweepers intercept thousands of tons of debris from entering our water ways and that we are part of the effort that keeps California clean and beautiful.
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Phone: 800-225-7316 / Fax: 310-538-8015

Municipal Street Sweeping

Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as CleanStreet) specializes in providing high-quality municipal street sweeping services. Street sweeping is not a side line for Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as CleanStreet) . We are specialists. 

Construction Sweeping

We understand construction sweeping is one of the most demanding types of sweeping.  You need to be sure your contractor can deliver the right sweeper, with the right operator at the controls, each and every time.

Bare Rental Program

All of our sweepers are available on a monthly rental basis. We provide brooms and maintenance, and you provide the fuel and the operator.

Parking Lot Sweepers

We operate low profile, smaller sweepers for cleaning parking structures, parking areas and bike paths.

Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Pressure washing of sidewalks and trash enclosures is increasingly popular with our clients. Pressure washing helps attain a higher level of cleanliness. We provide comprehensive cleaning services for Business Improvement Districts, as well as trash receptacle service, graffiti removal and much more. 

Catch Basins Cleaning

We utilize a variety of equipment and various methods to clean Catch Basins. This is a Vector Jet Rodder.

Equipment and Expertise

Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as CleanStreet) operates a variety of state of the art equipment to provide municipalities all essential cleaning services they may require. Over the years, we have developed our expertise in repairing, maintaining, rebuilding and adjusting all of our equipment to maintain our fleet in optimal operating condition. Our mechanics have learned the complexities of alternative fuel powered equipment. We have developed the methods, tools and facilities needed.


As and industry leader, Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as CleanStreet) constantly seeks ways to better service our clients and meet and surpass environmental regulations. Our most recent innovation is aimed at a higher compliance with rules regulating landfills. We have begun a program to process debris we collect. This process reduces the amount of debris that is placed in a landfill.

Serving All of California

We have deep resources that enable Sweeping Corp. of America (Operating as CleanStreet) to serve the entire State of California.

Keeping California Clean and Beautiful

Operating a business in California requires compliance with vast numbers of rules and regulations. CleanStreet complies with all rules and reulations as set forth by the California Air Resources Board, The Air Quality Management District, The California Highway Patrol, OSHA, The National Pollution Elimination Discharge, Water Quality Rules and the Department of Industrial Relations and more!